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Chemical-free living

It didn't take a documentary or a role model necessarily, but it took until I felt really sluggish and (more often than not) slightly depressed--to question my state of living. Sure, gaining weight can add on to this. Lack of sleep. Lack of activity. Stressful work days with long hours. But with those things on… Continue reading Chemical-free living

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Four Years

On December 27, 2013, I married the man of my dreams. Before I knew it, four years have already passed, yet the butterflies make it feel just like it were yesterday. To do something a little different this year (2017), we went to New York (previous entry) and had a photoshoot over the Brooklyn Bridge… Continue reading Four Years


The Big Apple: New York City

I have been so excited to share our three days in New York City with you. We had planned this trip months ago and it's crazy that it finally came and is gone already. But our memories will literally last the rest of our lives. So here's the breakdown of our three main event days,… Continue reading The Big Apple: New York City