Bucket List

The following list items are what I’ve been wanting to do at some point in my life, no matter how small or how huge an endeavor:

○ Fly in an airplane completed Feb 2011 (finally at 20 years old!) and a million times since
○ Visit New York City completed Dec 2017
○ Visit any major city in California completed Apr 2017
○ Visit Las Vegas completed Apr 2017
○ Visit Key West
○Visit Washington, D.C. completed May 2015
○ Visit Mexico
○ Visit Bolivia
○ Honeymoon in Europe
○ Get my first brand new car completed Feb 2015 (2015 Hyundai Elantra!)
○ Move somewhere new
 completed April 2014 (from FL to NC)
○ Hike the Grand Canyon
○ Go on a road trip in the Midwest
○ Ride on a train completed July 2010 (in the Great Smoky Mountains!)
○ Become an acquired beer enthusiast goal reached
○ Bring my husband to Canada
○ Bring my husband to Asheville, NC
○ Go camping together in a tent
○ Go river tubing
Endure white water river rafting completed July 2010 (at the Nantahala Gorge, Asheville NC)
○ Land a job outside my comfort zone
○ Ride a mule, anywhere
Get a Brazilian wax ohhh boy, definitely completed! *ouch*
○ Become a Wellness Coach
○ Reach my weight loss goals originallycompleted April 2013 (lost 75lbs)
○ Reach my current weight loss goals… for the last time (26lbs to go!)
○ Go scuba diving
KEEP a Pen Pal
Stick with a blog hopefully this continues!
Donate a lot of my belongings to those in need completed April 2015
○ Take dance lessons/couple’s dance lessons
○ Go on a cruise
○ Go on a transatlantic cruise
○ Attend New York Comic Con
○ Attend San Diego Comic Con
○ Get married established 12.27.2013!

And always adding more as I think of new things!