Everyday Entries

Flea Market

This has been in my “blog dump” album for a little while. I keep that album in my phone for certain shots I plan to post but usually don’t get to it until I can literally “dump” it all here. I didn’t realize I had so many photos from the flea market over a month ago and figured I’d share them as they felt new to my eyes all over again!

I adore my family. They’re my favorite photo subjects. Luckily, they know I’m usually off somewhere probably taking candid photos of them.

Jack is so incredibly fascinated over Eddie and it’s probably one of my favorite things. 

I know the day was kind of warm outside but it wasn’t too bad. We browsed the flea market over the course of a couple hours!

Also, the traditional flea market moment for us, is having lunch there. I’m sure there’s quite a few who may frown upon the idea but if you really go to the flea market and not eat there, why’d ya even go?!

As we were preparing to leave, we did stop at some booths with vinyl records. I surprisingly forgot to take photos and right now I can’t take one, but we snatched up Patsy Cline’s greatest hits album and two Dean Martin’s greatest hits albums too.

Well. That’s really it! Not much to the flea market day but as I said, I just really loved having these photos and wanted to make sure I recorded it in my blog before the days eventually escaped me!

Until next time…


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