Everyday Entries

Gifts & Graduations

My nephew had just finished pre-school (*tear*) and my sister wanted to do something special for all the teachers. My sister is known for her love of succulents so she wanted to leave behind a little bit of her and my nephew.

She found the idea online so we went to Michael’s to get a few crafting supplies and Lowe’s for some plant supplies.

Jack was so excited to help 💔

We went with the mason jar look with 2-3 types of succulents in each. All the teachers are women but we wanted to get something different than the rest for Mike, the chef at the school. We picked out an Aloe Vera plant to give him!

Of course we decide to take the project on around 8pm at night, when she had to have them all ready for the next morning, which was Jack’s last day of school. We were up for hours doing them, as they turned out to take a lot longer than expected.

From there, we wrapped them all in brown paper.

My mom happened to have gotten this perfect box to store and take them to the school in. 

The next morning, I finished up on the little signs found on Pinterest (printed on green paper) before heading to work, for her to grab before she had to be at the school. 

And there you have it! They were simple (although surprisingly time consuming) gifts but all teachers adored receiving them.
The following weekend was Jack’s little graduation and oh my goodness–was it cute! I don’t know if most VPKs do little graduation ceremonies but it was so well done. I cried a couple times, laughed often and smiled proudly at my little nephew already getting older by the second.

This slideshow (above) was what made me start crying! He started VPK before he was even one years old so it was insane seeing him grow before our eyes. The teachers who took the time to put it together are just incredible beings.

The kids all sang songs and did little dances. I was actually surprised how many songs and how long the entire graduation was yet not a single kid was over it before it was finished. 

Until next time!


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