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Hand-built desk

So… we’ve finally built our dream “his & hers” gaming desk! This was the first thing we did, even before the movers arrived, in order to ensure we had it all ready for when we received our computers. I’ve had the idea in mind after coming across a few different Pinterest posts before drawing up my own hybrid version.

My original plans included bookshelves for the towers to sit on but I ended up deciding against it and we built a base from scratch.

My mom, who we aptly call “Joe Villa” (for those who remember “This Old House” with Bob Villa. I grew up watching it so it became my handy mom’s nickname), was the reason we were able to do it all! She brought all her tools over to cut the wood according to my dimensions.

While I was at work, Eddie actually stained the entire main desk and did really great. We ended up adding another coat later on.

We also had painted the wall we wanted to build it on a darker accent gray, which matches the dark accent in our kitchen.

Next was building the base to encase our gaming towers from “scratch.” As in, no drawn up versions, just stained some wood and made it fit according to the tower dimensions! (Also mom sized! Heh.)

Once that was all put together and sturdy, I stained individual planks to act as the “L” shape of the table. This was so important for me so that we both have more space. I’m such a crafter that my last desk always seemed to lack space with the computer being in the way. The “L” shape has become where I can spread everything out!

After that, we added some supports for under the “L,” as well as final support beams to hold everything in place together. Here is the result in a few different views!

(Above: I framed the article of Eddie in the Marine Corps Times when he got off the aircraft from Afghanistan. “Crossing the Finish Line.” So proud to have it above my desk!)

I purchased monitor mount kits for both of us. Of course, when they arrived, I put mine together asap. By then, I was a pro and started pulling everything out and putting together a dual version for Eddie’s monitors. Once it was time to screw them on, I flipped the monitors over and boom… of course they turned out to be one of the few that aren’t mountable! Grrrr! I was so excited too!)

We just need some cable management to hide all of the cords and it’ll be incredible! We are still in awe over the entire room. Eddie walks by and flings open both arms saying, “I can’t believe this is ours!”

Right away, I started projects! The above project is going to be a mini scrapbook album of our Vegas/LA trip. Below were my treasures I got Kaillie for her birthday! I adored the wrapping and tape I used for hers and felt like posting them, as well!

Well, there ya have it! Finally posting our dream desk and a few of the steps it took to build it. It’s technically not all that hard, just time consuming when making sure you’re getting all the dimensions and a good stain down.

Until next time….


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