Everyday Entries

This is 27.

My birthday was last weekend, June the 11th! I can’t believe how fast these years have been flying and have learned to not take them for granted. I’m still young, happy and excited for what life has in store for me but my birthday weekend was the ultimate reminder of it all!

What started out on June 9, my nephew wrote a little birthday message for my work planner and my sister surprised me with flowers and balloons! Little did I expect it but my workplace ALSO surprised me with flowers and my first ever balloons! I felt so so loved!

After work was over, my mom, sister and Eddie all had a surprise to bring me to. I really had my heart set on it being a “paint and wine” place but it turned out WAY better! 

The place ended up being “Board & Brush” where we put together wood planks, beat them up, sand, stain and paint accordingly. This place was everything!! Such an amazing birthday surprise!

When the “class” was done, we went out to Bahama Breeze for a late dinner and some drinks. The next morning I woke up to homemade breakfast by my husband (only happened to take a lousy iPhone picture but it was still everything!).

Later that morning, we put our first ever dining table set together! Our last place couldn’t fit a table so we had to purchase one. I spent forever trying to find the best one for us when I came across this totally awesome and affordable 3 piece bench set! We spent the rest of the day getting treasures for the kitchen from the carpets, to the succulents, to the runners and even matching placemats for the bar, a mirror for above our coffee bar and some fake shrubbery for the China cabinet and above the kitchen decor. It rained the entire day, too, which was also incredibly perfect for me!

ON my actual birthday, I surprisingly have no photos! Mainly because I forgot my camera the entire day! We woke up and went to Denny’s where I had a free grand slam with my dad. Then we met up with Eddie’s parents to see Alien: The Covenant and went to Outback for lunch. From there, we went to my mom’s place where we just chilled till it got dark, munched on some pulled pork and went home. We didn’t stay up too late because I still worked the next day.

However, the next day, my sister took me to Sephora because she wanted to treat me to some Tarte brand Amazonian clay foundation! 

I ended up also getting myself Caudalie grape water moisturizer spray for sensitive skin and a couple birthday gifts. Literally my favorite of them is the Tarte “birthday suit” matte lipgloss. I’ve worn it every day since and can’t wait to buy the full size version!

My sister also got me this lavender mint dry shampoo which I’m absolutely loving! I still love my Batiste because of the brown hues in the spray but this one just smells so great! It actually doesnt leave much white residue at all, if any!

One of the many gifts Eddie surprised me with were these two records! Perma’s Two of a Crime and Sam Hunt’s Montevallo! Something is just so crisp and real to me when I can flip an LP into my record player. 

He also got me this very, very worthy mug that I’ve also used every day since I got it. He surprises me more and more each year with his gift ideas I never talked about and how well he DOES listen when I do have something to talk about. Among other things, he also got me a 6″ pink Overwatch D.Va with Meka Funko Pop and the 1949 edition of Scrabble!

In other news, not totally related to my birthday but because I finally hung my board from my surprise “class,” I decided to end this with a couple photos of our bedroom updates. 

We’ve had this dark leather espresso bedroom set for 3 and a half years now and I still adore it. It creates the perfect bedtime feng shui for me! I love having the dim lamps on and getting into a made up bed.

The hung sign! Don’t mind my dopey pillows! They’re next on the list… we need some firmer and more supportive ones!

And lastly, I finally found the perfect matching espresso-colored rugs for each side of the bed. I already attempted one big rug under the entire bed but unfortunately, not enough of the rug showed so it was silly. Now we have these cozy ones on each side!

Well. I think that’s it for updates about my birthday weekend and bedroom. I still have to post about our giant homemade computer desk next! Which is funny because it was literally our first accomplishment since the move and somehow I still haven’t gotten around to it!

Until next time…


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