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1950s French Provincial China Cabinet Restoration

For anyone who has followed me may recall a couple months ago when I made this exciting purchase! I’ve been dreaming of a French Provincial China cabinet as one of those pieces I imagine being an adult woman is made up of.

The lines on this beauty called out to me and I couldn’t wait to make it my own. It was our first try at using chalk paint, which I swear is officially the “miracle paint.”

As most would go to, I wanted to use Annie Sloan brand just for its well-known and widely accepted quality. However, our nearest “dealer,” is about a half hour away and I was itching to start my project. I did some research and learned that Home Depot’s Americana Decor is a close runner to that of Annie Sloan.

We mixed these two colors together to create a deeper gray so that it didn’t totally blend in with our freshly painted gray walls.

My mom did the honors of painting first. And, well, because I’m always the one behind the camera for these things.

Once the first two coats were on, we worked on the inside in just the light “yesteryear” gray to add a slight “two-toned” look. When all of that was done, we applied a clear matte coat that we rubbed to the desired sheen. My personal favorite part.

The final product! I had just thrown a few things in the cabinet for photo purposes but have since organized and added more to it like fake shrubbery and vintage hand-me-down dinnerware.

This is one of the reasons I adored this piece. Look at how thin it is! Not in anybody’s way walking into our home but is still the ultimate centerpiece of the kitchen. This cabinet is literally the gem of my home.

Until next time…


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