Hollywood Studios

I originally planned to post this the next day after my Magic Kingdom post but once in a while, time slips away from me. Better late than never, right?

Hollywood Studios has been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl. Which is funny because most kids could care less for the place. I was always in awe over it.

It was so awesome bringing my husband on Rockin’ Rollercoaster. I was there for opening weekend when I was about 8 years old so it was shocking to me when he said he had never been on it at all!

One of my favorite parts are the movie posters all over the buildings with the Hollywood, CA theme.

The Great Movie Ride is another favorite of mine. It’s like the first time every time I ride it! I always forget what happens next with some years in between visits.

And last, but never the least, Star Wars! I can’t wait for the opening of the entire themed section next year! It’s going to be awesome.

The “big kid” in me just had to get a few treasures. Light up LED Star Wars ears, a mystery mini, pins and a BB-8 souvenir cup.

Just going to point out that I’ve never gotten the actual mystery character on the boxes and I actually did! This dorky chubby Princess Leia “vinylmation.”

Again, it seems like a short trip but I always do videos as well. Of course, those are featured only on my Instagram at sarah__arteaga! I originally planned to do longer versions and post here so if I finally get the chance to do that, I’ll let you know they’ve been added in a future post!

Until next time….


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