Magic Kingdom

We had purchased a 4-day ticket to Disney World in early March and had only used one. So we had a last minute idea of going before the tickets were “blacked out” for the summer. We chose Memorial Day weekend since it was a long weekend off for me and I knew I could get some rest before the work week on my Monday off.


We left fairly early in order to get to the park in time for noon. In the future, I think we will purposely go later in order to see Magic Kingdom at night. It was about 98 degrees by the time we showed up.


Before seeing anything, we stopped at the first place we saw with food, which happened to be a hot dog place. It was a moment where I’m thankful to not have kids as our bill for 2 hot dog meals with drinks were only $25 and the family next to use was $125 for 5!


From there, we continued following the map as planned. We only had 1 fast pass and by then, all the good ones were taken anyway.


Tomorrowland is forever a favorite of mine.



From there we did our only Fast Pass, Buzz Lightyear ride!


We also went on the Pirates of the Carribean ride, which I don’t remember whatsoever so maybe it’s safe to assume it’s new?


One of my favorite rides is the Haunted Mansion, which I was very excited to show Eddie because he has zero recollection of it existing. Of course, it was a winner in his book, too.


By the end of the day, after walking around everywhere, dodging in and out of tons of people, sweating like crazy, we took a stroll back towards the monorail where we walked through the castle and watched a parade.


Although a simple post, it was pretty eventful. We left and checked into our hotel. We went to Walmart and got a few things like water and snacks before going back, showering and calling it a night. I’m so happy we went, but I definitely learned Memorial Day weekend… or really any Summer weekend, are definitely not in my future plan books for Magic Kingdom!




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