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Little house update

I know it’s been a long time coming for this post so I figured I’d do a little snippet of the latest piece/project in the house: my record player table!

For those who know me, I’ve been collecting vinyl since high school and really felt that my player didn’t have its own home for it all. Our last place was so small, it had to sit on an end table where it rarely got attention. But now it is the centerpiece! I just need to find the perfect rug for underneath to finish it off.

I got the cabinet from IKEA (Besta, I think) which I accidentally got the taller one when I went to pick it out. However, I feel the height is perfect for standing at the record player and switching out records.

I custom ordered 9″ tall American made and hand soldered hairpin legs from an Etsy store called ModernUrbanMetals. They’re incredible and really add that modern century look to a more blasé IKEA piece.

As for the shelves (also IKEA), I just scrounged up some random things I had. It probably won’t last as I’m always finding new things to display but for now, it definitely shows some of our quirks.

My speakers, which I just got as a birthday gift, do not need a stereo connected to them to act as the amplifier. This has been so much better for the space I have it in, as I really didn’t want to also have a stereo anymore. These “Edifier” brand speakers are one of the top rated on Amazon and for good reason… it really surprised me how great they play, especially after having only ever played speakers connected to a stereo.

Well, that’s it for now! More to come… Disney trips, hand built desks, painted China cabinets, crafts and food, oh my…

Until next time!


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