Trip Night One & Two // VEGAS

I’m baaack! Whew. It feels so great to finally sit down, at my actual desktop computer, and begin these entries I’ve been itching to post. Right after our trip, we moved into a new place and have spent hours between moving, building and decorating. Posts to follow. But first, every day of our short 5 day trip in different posts! Today will be VEGAS!

Night One


Since I still worked the day we flew out, we literally arrived, red-eye flight at midnight! That meant our bodies felt like 3am but we were way too excited to already adventure into the city that never sleeps! Since we didn’t get to do too much the first night, I figured I’d put both “days” into one giant post.


I feel as if seeing Vegas in person is much more mesmerizing than any photo or video could create. I’ve heard from a couple people that Vegas was more “underwhelming” than they expected but it was honestly my more favorite times of the trip. For me, it looked like the movies but way more interesting.


At about 1am, we got on the double decker bus for only $8. It’s a 24 hour ticket that takes you up and down the strip. Sometimes it took a while but most times, it was our only chance to sit and rest. We literally walked everywhere. The lights were so beautiful. I had to question what the city’s electric bill runs at! Ha! Our friends, Mirna & Jose (who I posted about every so often) picked us up at the airport. They moved to California last June (but grew up in LA) which was really great.

Our big stop for the night was to get some food. In December, we saw a post about the largest Taco Bell opening in Vegas, aptly named “The Cantina.” They serve alcohol, including alcoholic “freezes.”


On top of that, they actually have a window where you can watch your order being made. Maybe it’s because they know they’re being watched but MAN, it was the best chicken quesadilla I’ve had at ANY Taco Bell!


For the most part, nothing too crazy or “Vegas-esque” happened. By the time we got home after eating, having a few drinks and taking the bus back, it was about 3am Vegas time. Our bodies were running at 6am!


Mirna and Jose picked the hotel and we stayed at the Stratosphere. As usual, I did some research and learned it’s actually taller than Seattle’s Space Needle, making it the tallest observation tower in the United States!


As I assume most (if not all) hotels go, it had a casino! Before we headed out on the bus for Taco Bell, we even played a couple penny slots. There was so much to take in, already.


Day Two

The next morning I was awake around 7:30am (darn you, body clock!). Everyone woke up around 8:30 anyway, so it wasn’t too bad. I looked out the window since it was my first time seeing outside in the day time and the distant mountains took my breath away! I was probably the only one who felt this way, but it was great.

(If you look closely, you’ll see someone bungee jumping from the Stratosphere.. just look for the black line to the right of the building)

I took this time to edit a few photos for posting on Facebook. Although I was running on about 4 hours of sleep, I was beyond energized at the thought of the day.


We hopped on the bus to head to breakfast! We chose to stop off in Paris where I couldn’t stop taking pictures of/by everything!


We chose the Mon Ami Gabi restaurant below the Eiffel Tower due to the raving reviews. It was definitely the best meal of the trip… and more literally, the best coffee!

After we took our time, we played some more slots inside the Eiffel Tower casino and walked through the entire building, just taking everything in.


Before heading to Caesar’s Palace, we made a pit stop at Real Bodies by Bally’s. I’m so happy Mirna and Jose wanted to go and shared an interest in it because it was one of the places I really wanted to see.


There were so many preserved, real human bodies at this place, all donated for learning purposes. It was as mind blowing as it was interesting and educational. I have a million photos from here too but I figured I’d stick to just a couple.


Some of my favorite parts were the creepier, dark rooms like these, which really set the tone for the exhibit. They’d light up the veins inside the human bodies in pitch black darkness and it was incredible to imagine we are made that way.

From there, we walked to Caesar’s Palace, which was so glorious. I took a million photos it seemed but really only kept a few to post here. The walk itself was so visually pleasing that we were taking photos of everything we saw to begin with.



I still can’t believe we were in there! It all connects like a big mall inside that kind of made of feel as it we were in an underground mall. At one point it lead to this Greek mythology fountain that I was awing over!


It was literally like that of a dream. Italy was probably one of my other favorite places it connected to. The gondola singers sang the most beautiful songs that echoed throughout the place. Even though we wanted to ride on one, we realized (for the price and long line) that being in the same building was already rewarding enough. The cloudy blue sky was everything inside the entire building!


From there, we walked  down to the Sugar Factory where we got Fishbowl drinks and food. This place was fairly empty for the most part, as many people were outside. We honestly felt that it was too hot to be outside that afternoon and opted to stay inside.


The people were SO nice, too, which I appreciated. I still have to leave a review for them. The fishbowl drinks had dry ice so as soon as the alcohol was poured over top of it, it started fogging up and bubbling. It was so much fun.

We also got some food since it was around 3pm by then. I didn’t eat too much of mine, although it was incredibly delicious. We were also on a time crunch as we had reservations to dine inside the Eiffel Tower at 6pm.


We went back to the hotel to get ready for the big dinner reservation.


We were running a little late and chose to use an Uber to drop us off near Paris again.


We got on the elevator up to the Eiffel Tower restaurant literally in time for our reservation. This place was very high class and elaborate. Something I have never done for myself. Most couples go to places like The Melting Pot for class but I can officially say we ate in the Vegas Eiffel Tower instead!


Unfortunately, I wasn’t too impressed with my meal but it was too much fun to really matter. I would definitely try other places in the future instead of trying this place again. It was still worth it. While in the Eiffel Tower, we figured we would take the elevator to the top. Surprisingly, this was my idea. I saw they had free tickets for military and I figured, “why not?”


On our way to the elevator, there was a wall FILLED with locks! As my sentimental heart goes, I had to make one for us to add to this wall. Mirna and Jose also made one, too.

From there, we went up 40 floors to the top of the Eiffel Tower (note: it is a 1/2 size replica of the real Tower). I got in the elevator, still cool as a cucumber but before I knew it, the majority of the ride was encased in glass doors. Yes, overlooking everything as it went up. I don’t know why I also imagined it having this wide outlook where I wouldn’t be near the edge but as soon as the elevator stopped, I ran off, in a very short moment of relief, before seeing that it was only about 2 feet wide, all the way around the elevator. I literally froze. I don’t know why I’m so deathly afraid of heights, especially when I legitimately wanted to experience it! I still wanted photos of everything so thankfully, Eddie got some beautiful shots while I waited in line to already get off!


After that was done and I was safe on the ground below, we had to run to make it to our next stop on the itinerary. We made it just in time for our booked Bicycle Pub Crawl. Okay, so this is where the REAL “Vegas-esque” fun began.


You never realize how close you can become to strangers from all different parts of the world until some good music and drinks are involved. I have never danced so much in my life! Somehow, before even finishing the pub crawl, we ended up on a random roof top of an Indian-based bar.

For the parts I do remember, there were fun facts and history for each bar we went to. I know one of them was the oldest “freestanding” bar in Vegas called Atomic Liquors. Parts of the movie Casino were filmed inside and the bar can be seen in the crash scene from The Hangover!


It was musty, old, and mismatched with a short ceiling… pretty much everything I loved. While we were conveniently off of Fremont Street for the last bar, we walked through the “old strip,” which was on my list of things to do. Not going to lie, I remember it in all its glory but mostly everything else was a beautiful blur.


I remember saying I wasn’t in the mood to reach around for my camera from my backpack but thankfully everyone made me. I wouldn’t have these couple of pictures!


There were SO many places in between that I have photos of but really, this is already the longest post I’ve done yet! If you even make it this far, you’re awesome. But at this point, we found a bus stop to head back for a very long ride home. At one point, Eddie had to pee SO bad, we got off where we thought we were close enough to walk. It was actually really far but we were too headstrong to stop. Well… we happened to walk by a random hole-in-the-wall pizza place where we did stop for a box of pizza before continuing to walk.

Once we were home, we killed the pizza, talked about some of the night, mimicked our bad dancing and from there, I figure I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

That was about it for night one, day two/night two. Next post will be our half day finishing off Vegas plus the start of the night in Los Angeles. I thought I could do all of these posts tonight but I think I’ll stop here.

Until next time…



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