Everyday Entries

Easter 2017

Boy, holidays are just plain fun when you’ve got family around. Don’t get me wrong, Eddie and I definitely enjoy being big homebodies and not having to do much of anything… but at the end of the day, it’s truly nice to lay in bed and reflect on how special the littlest moments really are.

We were up fairly early and decided to bring over Jack’s Easter basket and watch him egg hunt. Since we’ve moved, we haven’t been around him while he’s old enough to do it and understand it, so that alone was honestly a major treat for me. 

This kid was so smart about finding some of the harder eggs, even when I literally couldn’t see them myself! He has a lot of obvious, not so obvious and clever hiding spots, too.

I could have watched him egg hunt all day but eventually, he was quite over it, as kids normally are when something lasts just a little too long.

We even let Jack take a photo of us, which he was so proud of and I didn’t find half bad for us being half asleep! Ha.

From there, we went to Grandpa’s, especially since I’d have to change before dinner anyway. Again, I sort of napped while Eddie and Jack played Minecraft together. I would fall asleep between the 5 year old giggles and shouts as “creepers” chased them around via game. I finally woke up, got all “dolled up” with my sister and headed off for an Easter dinner.

Cue the corniness: he still makes my heart flutter! Sincerely!

The rest of the time was spent eating and playing games. Mostly board games or trying to help Jack fly his “drone” (which was really a helicopter). But our most ultimate game was the “Chubby Bunny” game! Basically you need to see who can fit the most Peeps in their mouth while still being able to say “chubby bunny.”

My sister won with 4 Peeps while still being able to talk, her fiancĂ© won with the most anyone fit in their mouth (5) and my mom started off just eating them before realizing it wasn’t an eating contest! Oh man. I couldn’t get past 2 without gagging but I had a blast watching everyone else!

Well, that’s gunna be it tonight folks.

Until next time…


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