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Furniture changes

On the day after Record Store Day, we had gone to IKEA to try to find a few fun things. I knew I was getting a new shelving unit but hoped to possibly find a TV stand, as well. I didn't find quite as much as I did on last year's trip but still enjoyed… Continue reading Furniture changes

Everyday Entries

Thoughts, confessions and diagnoses 

Being that it's Mental Health month, I decided to share an entry I've left as a "draft" since June 17, 2017. I've read it a dozen times, then read it again, before opting not to post it. Now that it has been close to a year since I first tried, I feel it is time… Continue reading Thoughts, confessions and diagnoses 

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Our first camper trip

Growing up, every summer consisted of a camping trip... and sometimes a couple. We had big blue buses, Winnebagos, conversion vans, sometimes stayed in cabins, you name it. Best. Childhood. Ever. Sometimes I feel as if my family has such a tight bond because of all those summers spent with each other. But now it… Continue reading Our first camper trip